Chongqing Public Health Emergency Response Level Adjusted On March 24th

- Mar 25, 2020-

On 24:00 of March 24th, Chongqing public health emergency response level adjusted from level two to level three. 

During the epidemic prevention and control period, continue to implement Yukang code (health code) and health certificate mutual recognition, where other parts of the country to return to Yuyu personnel, holding Yukang code or health certificate, no longer quarantine, to ensure their normal travel.

Except for airports, railway stations and other places, other places generally no longer test temperature. Temperature testing continues at traffic and quarantine points, airports, railway stations, terminals, long-distance bus stations, rail transit stations, medical institutions, etc. Other places generally no longer carry out temperature testing, if the need to carry out temperature testing, by each district and county according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control. The temperature test after the resumption of school in the school shall be stipulated separately.