CNPC Tarim Oilfield Once Again Made A Major Breakthrough In Oil And Gas Exploration

- Apr 16, 2020-

On April 8, CNPC learned that the Man 1 well in the Tarim Oilfield was tested for production with a 10 mm nozzle. The daily crude oil output reached 624 cubic meters, and the daily output of natural gas reached 371,000 cubic meters.

Harvesting high-productivity gas flow in Man 1 well marks a major breakthrough in ultra-deep oil and gas exploration in the belly of Tarim Basin. It marks the discovery of a regional-level oil and gas-rich fault zone in the region, and it also confirms that the Tabei-Tazhong overall contiguous oil-bearing zone has great potential for oil and gas resources. Tarim Oilfield has therefore added 3,520 square kilometers of favorable exploration area.

According to CNPC, in the process of scientific research on carbonate exploration and development, the Tarim Oilfield has overcome the technical bottleneck of the ultra-deep, fault-controlled, fracture-cavity carbonate reservoir prediction method, providing the well with good oil and gas layers. Important theoretical and technical support.