Core Drilling For Geological Analysis Before Duilding The New Metro Line

- Apr 21, 2020-

At less than seven o'clock in the morning, a blasting large-scale drilling rig was drilling and sampling in a corner on the north side of Jinan Quancheng Park in preparation for the construction of Metro Line 4 of Jingshi Road.

drilling rig

The rows of soil samples taken up are neatly arranged on the side of the open space. After drilling, these samples will be sent to the laboratory for analysis and testing. 12 meters, 17 meters ... 37.92 meters, the depth of the soil is clearly marked on each sample.


After inquiring about the construction staff, the News reporter learned that this exploration site needs to drill 80 meters depth, and it has just been halfway through. The drilling depth varies from site to site, and some even reach 100 meters. When the reporter asked about the drilling depth for a day, the staff said thats depends on the soil conditions, ranging from ten to two or three meters.