Damage To The Power Supply Cable During Geological Exploration

- Apr 28, 2020-

Recently, during the geological exploration of the Songjiatang depot of the Hangfu Intercity Railway, a 110 kV cable line located at 2 meters underground was dug, which has affected the reliability of electricity for businesses and residents in Yinhu Street, Fuyang.

The following picture shows the 20cm, 2.4m depth drill hole, the 110 kV high-voltage cable channel is 2 meters directly below the opening.


It is understood that due to the destruction of the main cable channel, the bidirectional power supply of Yinhu Substation and Gaoqiao Substation has become unidirectional.

Gao Yufeng, deputy director of the operation and maintenance department of the power supply company in the region, said: This 110 kV power supply channel is the main channel. After this cable is damaged, the reliability is reduced a lot, affecting at least 200,000 residents. Now, we pass the small 10kV line, the lower voltage is supplied to Yinhu and Gaoqiao to ensure the power supply of the substation.

At present, a cable repair team composed of more than 10 electrical workers is already investigating the damage of the main cable channel and formulating a repair plan.