Drilling Rig Operating Procedures

- Dec 29, 2018-

1, drilling duty stations should be kept clean.

2, the installation and disassembly of the rig, to ensure that the correct and complete.

3. When the mast of the rig rises and falls, the operator shall stand in a safe position.

4, when starting the motor, should open all the friction clutch of the rig.

5, when the drilling rig work, it is strictly forbidden to remove the protective cover.

6, before the start of the work, should check the reliability of the braking device, as well as the friction clutch and starter device performance.

7, the motor does not stop before, prohibit the inspection of the rig.

8, drilling rig work, strictly prohibit the fastening of any parts of the rig. 9, when the rig is running, it is strictly forbidden to refuel.

The upper pulley of the mast should be refueled when the rig is stopped.

10, the motor does not stop before, not allowed to work on the mast.

11. No matter what the circumstances, when someone is working on the upper part of the mast, no other people are allowed to stay under the mast. 12. Do not work on the mast in the event of severe weather (heavy rain, heavy snow, icing or high winds above level five).

At the same time, artificial lighting is not allowed to work on the mast.

13, the use of fractured strands of wire rope is strictly prohibited.

14. When drilling tools rise and fall, it is strictly forbidden to touch the wire rope by hand.

15, in addition to drilling rig lifting, drilling pipe and other external, wellhead is strictly forbidden to open.

16, in order to prevent drilling tools or pumping tubes from the well out of the well when the shaking, must be made of diameter 15~20mm steel rod hook.

17, in the cleaning of the pump, should use a solid and reliable wire rope to form a ring, set in the lower end of the pumping tube, it will be inverted.

18, when using the scooter to lift or drop the casing, as well as the machine in the salvage work, all workers should leave the drilling.

19, in the use of lifting the casing, in order to avoid casing shedding, must be fixed together with each other. 

20, in the case of lighting stop (at night), drilling work should be stopped.

When the drill is still in the well, the drill can be carefully removed from the well.