Drilling Rig Regular Inspection Of The Project

- Dec 29, 2018-

1, the main structure of the drilling rig, structural connector bolts, structural parts connected to the pin shaft, the structural parts of the weld, hanging basket structure and safety protection status of the inspection, especially before entering the use, should be asked to be qualified units of its safety performance testing, qualified before it can be used;

2, regular inspection of various power heads, working cylinders, drill drill pipe status;

3, regular inspection of the hoist reel anti-wire rope shedding device and the edge height on both sides, the condition of the reel wall, the tail of the wire rope on the reel to check, especially the status of the brake port should be a key item at any time to check;

4, electrical system inspection, the main inspection items are: Special electric box setup and short-circuit protection and leakage protection device, emergency power off switch, electric box damping device, working device cable fixed, lighting line, grounding line is strictly prohibited to carry 0 lines, etc.