Drone Image Aerial Mapping

- Nov 26, 2019-

Recently, the Party Branch of the Wireless Business Department of North China Petroleum Corporation used drones to conduct aerial mapping of Mazhuang Village, Beidiantou Township, Tangxian County, Hebei Province, to provide reliable information for the development of poverty alleviation work.

It is understood that the drone aerial photography and mapping of the 4.5 square kilometers area of Mazhuang Village in Tang County was carried out. The house, roads, reservoirs, dams, landscaping and other demolished objects and new reconstructions were aerially photographed, and more than 10,000 photos were obtained. Aerial data, through the processing of platform data, is stitched into a 4.5-square-kilometer orthophoto mosaic, which can clearly see the distribution and construction of village houses and roads, and provide first-hand information for resident villagers to formulate poverty alleviation programs.