First 5G Coal Mine In China Was Born!

- Apr 17, 2020-

On April 15, Huozhou Coal Power Pang Pangta Mine and Unicom (Shanxi) Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. held a 5G private network lease signing ceremony for the Pang Pangta 10 million tons project. This project is the first 5G private network in coal mines nationwide, marking a solid step for Pang Punta Mine to build an intelligent mine.

It is reported that when 5G technology is used in coal mines, it can accurately and comprehensively obtain various safety production data and environmental videos downhole, and realize various applications such as high-definition audio and video calls up and down the mine, rapid transmission of various data, and remote control of equipment. The implementation of this project has provided solid technical support for remote intelligent control and automatic monitoring and real-time interconnection of relevant data in the later intelligent working face reconstruction, intelligent ventilation, intelligent transportation and other aspects of the Pang Pangta mine, which helps to build a comprehensive Internet of Things, Things, and Rings.

The construction period of the 5G private network rental project is 45 days, and the underground 5G ring network construction will be opened on April 30. At the same time, the application of 5G network technology will be implemented in the main transportation lanes and at least one working face. The entire network construction is expected to be in May Completed in mid-term, and can be fully delivered before the end of May.