Geological Exploration Personnel Are Buried In The Soil

- Aug 14, 2019-

According to the person in charge, two geological prospectors came from a geological exploration unit in Liuzhou. On the afternoon of the 23rd, the two were working in the wilderness near the water village of Ertang Town. At the time, they were digging exploration trenches for exploration. Unexpectedly, the exploration trough collapsed suddenly and they were trapped underneath.


After receiving the alarm, Yu Xuan, the deputy head of Wuxuan County and the director of the public security bureau, immediately led the fire rescue, police and other personnel to the scene. Among them, the county fire rescue squadron dispatched a rescue formation, two fire engines and 12 firefighters to the scene.

Since the incident was in the mountains, the fire truck could not be reached, and the rescuers could only hike to the incident site.

At 6:30 pm on the 23rd, when the firefighters arrived at the scene, a trapped person was rescued by the person who arrived at the scene first. The medical staff found that they still had breathing, so they were rescued on the spot. The other person was still trapped under the exploration trough. At the time of the rescue, there was no vital signs and he was currently in the rescue.