Geological Team Find Underground Water

- Nov 13, 2019-

The 311 Geological Team of Anhui Province recently organized a comprehensive geological survey team consisting of hydrology, geophysical exploration and drilling technicians to carry out geophysical exploration and water work for the team to help the township - Tofeng Township of Susong County. At present, the investigation team has completed the preliminary geophysical exploration work, and has delineated several underground drinking water sources with large quantity, high quality and easy development. The well drilling work is being carried out in an orderly manner.

They used joint section method and electric sounding method to carry out geophysical exploration work, and described the spatial characteristics of the water storage structure. In addition to the Cambrian water search, the water intake members of the institute have another trick, which is "Small structure", "small folds" to find water. “Small structure” is the statement made by the institute relative to the “large tectonic belt”. It mainly refers to the geological structure phenomena such as faults and folds in a small area, so that some strata have a certain water storage space, in a small area. There may be water collection in the water, but the general small structural belt cannot be found on the 1:50,000 hydrogeological map. Finding this water storage space, according to the size of the space, to solve the drinking water problem for the villagers to varying degrees, is another function of the hospital.