Global Exploration Investment Is Expected

- Sep 25, 2019-

Global exploration investment is expected to grow further in 2019. In 2018, the overall performance of the global mining market was “poor”. The prices of major mineral products fluctuated and the performance of mining companies slowed down. The capital market significantly cooled down on mineral assets. However, mining exploration investment has accelerated, and industry mergers and acquisitions have ushered in a major outbreak, indicating that mining companies' optimistic expectations for medium and long-term development have not changed. Based on the relationship between the exploration input and the industrial metal price index, it is estimated that the global non-ferrous metal exploration investment will increase by 5%-10% in 2019, and the scale will reach a new high since 2014. However, since 2018, trade protectionism has intensified, the trends of various economies have diverged, the global mining market has been significantly affected, the momentum of rapid recovery of international mineral products has been curbed, mining companies have become more cautious, and uncertainties in global exploration investment have increased. The weakening of global economic growth prospects will be the biggest resistance to the improvement of the mining market in 2019.