Hi-RTP, A Global Real-time Precision Positioning Service System.

- Aug 09, 2019-

With the development of economy and urbanization, users have higher requirements for the positioning accuracy and real-time performance of the GNSS equipment. Fortunately, the well-developed GNSS technology make it happen. The GNSS positioning technology has gradually developed from conventional static to quasi-dynamic, dynamic and real-time positioning, and its application fields have also been expanded. In the fields of logistics management, vehicle navigation, anti-theft alarm, tourism and leisure, GNSS technology has been widely used.

Hi-Target VNet Series Receiver has successfully won the bid of the project of America eGPS Company’s CORS system network construction, which applies in the construction of controlling network of the reference stations in Georgia and Florida territory. With the high-quality hardware and continuous stable operation practice, Hi-Target defeat many famous manufacturers in the surveying and mapping industry to win the bid.


Hi-target Mexico partners plan to build 150 CORS stations, which will cover the whole Mexico and provide CORS service for users.

In addition, Cambodia, Lebanon and Tanzania, etc, are also involved in the network of Hi-Target CORS system.

In the future, it is expected that the global network of Hi-target CORS, combined with our global PPP services — Hi-RTP, will enable our users, at any time and any place, to get real-time high-precision location services, which will make the work easier.