Hunan Province Has Technical Regulations For Logging Of Shale Gas Wells

- Nov 12, 2019-

The “Shale Gas Well Logging Technical Regulations” project of Hunan Coal Geological Exploration Institute successfully passed the review of the results organized by Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Administration and Hunan Provincial Natural Resources Department, filling the blank of shale gas logging standards in Hunan Province. .

The project was successfully established in March 2017 and is a soft science research project of the Natural Resources Department of Hunan Province. The work cycle is from March 2017 to December 2018. The purpose is mainly to refer to the logging fields of coal fields, coalbed methane and petroleum industry. There are standards, combined with the research results and logging practices of shale gas exploration and development in Hunan Province Coal Geological Exploration Institute, analyzing and analyzing the shale gas logging technical parameters applicable to the regional geological features of Hunan, and standardizing shale gas logging operations. Process procedures and requirements.

During the project, the project team members completed a large number of research work, solicited the opinions of well-known experts and professors in the industry, held technical seminars for experts and scholars in the industry, and applied shale gas logging technology, data processing and interpretation. The quality evaluation system and the formulation of the procedures have been extensively and in-depth researched. The mature experience and geological requirements of shale gas logging work in recent years have been summarized, and the standard of shale gas logging work in Hunan Province has been established.

It is reported that Hunan's shale gas resources are abundant and widely distributed. The shale gas resources amount to 9.2 trillion cubic meters, accounting for 7% of the country's total resources, ranking 6th in the country, which is the national shale gas resource occurrence. One of the better provinces, shale gas logging is a work that must be carried out along with shale gas drilling, facing the problem of key technologies to be tackled. The completion of the "Technical Regulations for Shale Gas Well Logging" fills the blank of shale gas logging standards in Hunan Province, reflecting the latest research and practical results of shale gas logging in Hunan Province, and has a shale gas exploration in Hunan Province. Important guiding significance. At the same time, the release of the standard will form a local standard series system for shale gas seismic, drilling, cementing and logging procedures in Hunan Province.