International Diving Salvage And Marine Engineering Equipment Exhibition

- Oct 29, 2019-

The International Diving Salvage and Marine Engineering Equipment Exhibition is the only domestic diving and marine engineering exhibition approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China. It is the only one in China and even Asia, focusing on diving rescue and underwater operations, and building a marine powerhouse in China. In the “One Belt, One Road” strategic process, we will cooperate with the national smart ocean construction and serve the professional display and industry exchange platform of the marine engineering industry.

The exhibition covers a wide range of equipment, tools and supplies for diving, salvaging, underwater engineering and marine engineering. It also includes recreational diving equipment, public safety and emergency rescue, municipal and underwater testing. Wait for new modules. At the same time, the “6th International Dive Salvage and Ocean Engineering Technology Forum” and “2019 China Diving Salvage Industry Association Annual Meeting” were held. The forum will be deeply integrated into the “One Belt and One Road” construction and service national maritime power strategy, and gather the top experts at home and abroad to discuss the frontier issues of diving and marine engineering industry development, and conduct in-depth communication on the top design of industry development. The peers bring the most advanced concepts and technologies.

Exhibition details

Exhibition time:

November 1-3, 2019

Exhibition location:

Booth 3, Exhibition Hall, 2nd Floor, Xiamen Xiangxiang Convention and Exhibition Center

(No. 2480 Huandao East Road, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian Province)