Jiangsu Rapid Mapping Service System 1: 50,000 Map Database Built

- Apr 17, 2019-

Jiangsu Rapid Mapping Service System 1: 50,000 map database built

The Jiangsu Provincial Basic Geographic Information Center Map Compilation Department organized 15 technicians to carry out a 25-day closed-type attack operation, and completed the construction of "Jiangsu Province Rapid Mapping Service System 1:50,000 Map Database".

According to reports, the completed "1:50,000 map database" is the basic database of the series map database. Based on the analysis and processing of the previous data, the complex blocks of the elements are collectively sorted, and the water system and road elements are hierarchically graded and the place names. Fine-tune the content such as points and perform a comprehensive quality check on the data and surface effects of all areas.