Landslides Caused A Train Rollover

- Mar 31, 2020-

At 11:40 on March 30th, the T179 train passed the Yonghua Village section of Gaotingsi Town, Yongxing County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, because of a nearby landslide and hit a landslide, interrupting traffic. According to information from the relevant departments of Chenzhou City, as of now, one person has been killed, four seriously injured and 123 slightly injured.

Landslides are typical geological disasters. Mainly refers to the large-scale block movement phenomenon that occurs on hillsides, including two forms of collapse and landslide. Collapse and landslide are accompanied in nature. A collapse may cause a collapse disaster first, and then trigger a landslide disaster in the lower slope.

Landslides are very dangerous, they occur suddenly, they are fierce, and they are very destructive, often causing major loss of life and property.

Geological disaster prevention situation is grim

China's mountainous and hilly areas account for about 65% of the country's land area. The geological conditions are complex and the tectonic activities are frequent. Collapses, landslides, mudslides, ground subsidence, ground fissures, ground subsidence, and other disasters are many hidden dangers, widely distributed, and difficult to prevent. One of the most severely affected and threatened populations.

China's topography, geomorphology and geological conditions are complex, extreme weather and climate events are frequent, high-intensity earthquake activities are frequent, and various engineering activities have an increasing impact on the geological environment. In the future, geological disasters will continue to show a high frequency of occurrence, and the situation of geological disaster prevention and treatment will still be severe.

In the past few years, the central government has invested a total of 21 billion yuan to support local geological disaster prevention. 27 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country have set up special provincial geological disaster prevention funds, and local governments at all levels have invested 500 geological disaster prevention funds. More than 100 million yuan. 2020 is the last year of the National Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Prevention and Control of Geological Hazards. The prevention and control of geological hazards is still a top priority for development.