Lian Rui Electronics Participated In The 8th Annual Conference

- Sep 17, 2019-

Recently, the 8th Annual Meeting of China Satellite Navigation and Location Services and the Beidou Application Conference with the theme of “Beidou Serving the World and Integrating Innovative Applications” was held at the Zhengzhou Convention and Exhibition Center. As the most important event in the domestic positioning and navigation industry, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and more than ten experts and scholars from satellite navigation, geography mapping, and natural sciences attended the event. Huawei, Didi, Gaode, and provincial surveying and mapping bureaus also Debuted.


       At this industry event held at the "home entrance", Lian Rui Electronics carried the latest positioning base station and label strong attack. These products can be applied to many industry scenes, such as smart power, smart factories, tunnels, etc., which condense the deep technical accumulation and innovation wisdom of Lian Rui Electronics, and show the strength of the leading edge of the electronic industry, and the audience attending the conference. Endless.

       At the same time, Dr. Xiao Yan, Lian Rui Electronics, was invited to participate in the “Indoor Positioning and Location Service Sub-forum” to share experiences on ultra-wideband high-precision positioning technology and to look forward to the future direction of technological innovation. In this keynote speech, Dr. Xiao Yan also shared the latest achievements of Lian Rui Electronics in indoor positioning and successful cases in commercial applications. Even if the exchange time is tight, Dr. Xiao Yan's wonderful sharing still received enthusiastic response from the audience.

       After the meeting, Professor Chen Ruizhi, director of the State Key Laboratory of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing Information Engineering of Wuhan University, made a special trip to Lianrui Electronics to experience the centimeter-level high-precision indoor positioning effect, and deeply understand the various products and application cases of Lianrui. The results obtained by electronics are fully affirmed.

      The 8th Median Annual Meeting has now ended, but the concept of deep industry and focus on technological innovation has been running through the work of all the staff of Lianrui Electronics. In the future, Lian Rui Electronics will continue to move forward on the road to becoming an industry leader.