Multi-Phase Echo Sounder Survey

- Apr 08, 2019-

Tianjin Geodetic Center conducts multi-phase identification technology test for integrated measurement of multi-beam side-sweeping in extremely shallow sea topography

This test is the first use of the latest international multi-Phase Echo Sounder (MPES) in the field of geological survey of ultra-shallow coastal zones in China. MPES technology is based on the integration of 10 beam receiving transducers and 800 seabed side sweep phase data identification, breaking through the multi-beam sounding width limit and the traditional coherent sonar sounding accuracy limit, known as the "deep-depth side scan" system". The test results show that the MPES multi-beam sounding width and water depth ratio (width-to-depth ratio) is 10-12 times, and the side-to-side sonar scanning width-to-depth ratio is more than 120 times. The measurement indexes and effects are all expected. The MPES technology has strong application value in the coastal zone where the depth and complexity are complex and the sea surface obstacles are frequent, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the shallow sea surface topography survey and the visibility of the expression of the results.

echo sounder survey