Natural Gas Exploration

- Dec 24, 2019-

Recently, it was learned from the PetroChina Changqing Oilfield that the oilfield has made a major breakthrough in natural gas exploration in the Qingshituo area of Ningxia, and has controlled reserves of 100 billion cubic meters, which has been shortlisted for PetroChina's top ten oil and gas discoveries in 2019.

Qingshiyu area is the Ningxia Yanchi oil area where the No. 3 Oil Production Plant of Changqing Oilfield is located. It is located in the Tianhuan Depression and the western marginal thrust belt of the Ordos Basin. The geological conditions of the accumulation are complicated, and after 30 years of exploration, no breakthrough has been made.

In 2019, facing the country's new requirements for vigorously increasing domestic oil and gas exploration and development efforts, Changqing Oilfield proposed an oil and gas integration strategy, “leaving out of the basin's headquarters and expanding the surrounding periphery”, re-entered the Tianhuan Depression, and carried out oil and gas accumulation and enrichment. Incorporating law research and three-dimensional seismic technology research, the northwestern part of the basin is the first batch of targets to be conquered, and exploration in Ningxia will be strengthened.