New Breakthrough Of Water And Oil Exploration

- Dec 10, 2019-

According to the People's Daily on November 29, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) successfully tested Yongle 8-3-1 exploration wells in the deep-water east area of the Qiongdongnan Basin in China recently, and obtained millions of cubic meters of high-quality natural gas flow, creating a test capacity for buried hill natural gas in China's seas. new record. This marks a major breakthrough in the exploration area of the deep-water east of the Qiongdongnan Basin in China.

The exploration well is located about 180 kilometers southeast of Hainan Island, with a designed well depth of 3015 meters and an operating water depth of 1831 meters, which belongs to ultra-deep water operations. The test of this well successfully opened the prelude to the "conquest" in the deep-water east of the Qiongdongnan Basin in China.

The reporter learned that, relying on major national scientific research projects, CNOOC implemented an industry-university-research project. It took more than 20 years to successfully establish a high-quality reservoir development model and a natural gas accumulation model in deep-water areas, forming a set of surface drilling, exploration and well development Key technologies such as wells and deep-water well drilling and completion have successively discovered multiple large-scale deep-water oil and gas fields.

After more than 20 years of technical research, CNOOC has successively tackled three world-class oil and gas exploration and development problems in the areas of high temperature, high pressure, and deep water, making China one of the few countries in the world that systematically masters a full range of exploration and development technologies in this field. Oil and gas resources and building an ocean power provide a solid technical guarantee.