Performance Characteristics Of Resistivity Meters

- Dec 29, 2018-

Multi-parameter same screen display: resistivity, temperature with the same screen display.

Microcomputer: The use of high-performance CPU chip, high-precision ad conversion technology and SMT patch technology to achieve resistivity and temperature measurement, temperature compensation, range automatic conversion, high precision, good repeatability.

High reliability: Single board structure, touch button, no switch knob and potentiometer.

Automatic conversion measurement frequency: Avoid electrode polarization and improve measurement accuracy.

Phase Sensitive Detector Design: eliminates the effect of conductors on measurements.

25℃ conversion: Automatic measurement of temperature compensation/manual input.

Waterproof and Dustproof Design: protection class IP65, suitable for outdoor use.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/RFI) Design: Designed and manufactured according to European standard en50081/50082.

Alarm function: Alarm signal isolation output, alarm upper and lower limit can be set arbitrarily, alarm lag undo.

Industrial controlled watchdog: Make sure the meter doesn't crash.

Network functions: Isolated current output and RS485 communication interface; the output upper and lower limits of the current corresponding resistivity can be set arbitrarily. The use of circulating, submerged, flange or pipe installation.