Resistivity Meter Application Areas

- Dec 29, 2018-

The Bec-200en resistivity meter is used for continuous monitoring of resistivity values in thermal power, chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, food and tap water.

• Technical parameters

Display mode: LED (digital tube) display, high brightness, eye-catching and intuitive, visual distance far

Measuring range: 0~20.00 mω cm

Temperature: 0~99.9℃

Resolution: 0.01MΩ·CM, 0.1 kω cm, 0.1 ℃

ELECTRODE constant: 0.001~15.0 cm between software settings

Temperature Replenishment Range: Automatic/manual 0~99.9℃,25℃ conversion

Accuracy: ±1.0%fs,±0.3℃

Current isolation output: 4~20 mA (Load < 750ω)

Alarm relays: AC220V, 3 A, alarm signal isolation output

Communication interface: Isolated RS485 (optional)

Power supply: AC220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz, optional dc24v±2.4v

Protection class: IP65

Working conditions: Ambient temperature 0~60℃, relative humidity ≤90℅