RTK GPS User Club Sharing Meeting

- Aug 27, 2019-

On August 16th, “China Haida Satellite Navigation Industry Application Conference and RTK Senior User Club Sharing Meeting” was held at the headquarters of China Haida Guangzhou. The guests from all major industries, such as the technical coffee, the senior users of RTHK RTK and the “reformed people” in the surveying and mapping industry, visited Zhonghaida. Li Dianbin, deputy general manager of China Haida Surveying and Mapping Technology, Zheng Xiaohua, deputy general manager of Zhonghaida Surveying and Mapping Company, and Huang Junming, deputy general manager of Surveying and Mapping Company, accompanied the reception and led the guests to visit the exhibition hall on the first floor and the research and development area on the third floor.


In order to listen to the needs of users in different industries, this conference specially invited four guests from the railway, gas, transportation and traditional surveying and mapping industries to share the report on the spot, and the research and development team of Zhonghaida responded to customer needs and questions on the spot.