Rwanda Invites Chinese Experts To Explore National Minerals

- Dec 11, 2019-

In order to explore the mineral resources across the country and improve the level of professionalism in mining, Rwanda will invite Chinese experts to go to Lu to carry out a three-year cooperative project and use satellite remote sensing technology to conduct geochemical surveys.

According to Rwanda ’s most influential "New Times" report on December 9, the "Rwanda Geological Survey and Mineral Assessment" project is an important achievement reached by the heads of state of China and Rwanda. Chinese experts will collect samples in valleys, rivers and hills across Rwanda to confirm what minerals are present throughout the country. The expert group will investigate 56 different mineral elements, and China's satellite remote sensing technology will also be used in the project.

Francis Gatare, Administrator of the Rwandan Mining, Oil and Gas Agency, said that satellite remote sensing technology will be used to complement existing geological images and other information in Rwanda, and Lu will also send a team of experts to accompany Chinese experts Collect samples throughout the country to investigate the potential of mineral resources.