Safety Regulations For Seismic Exploration Explosion In China

- Mar 12, 2019-

Safety Regulations for SeisSafety Regulations for Seismic Exploration Explosion in China

The "Safety Regulations for Seismic Exploration Explosion" (GB 12950-91) was published in 1991 and is a national compulsory standard. It played an important role in the safety production work during seismic exploration at that time and for more than 20 years. In recent years, China has strengthened the management of safe production and civil explosives. The relevant standards and requirements of the “Safety Regulations for Seismic Exploration and Explosion” have seriously lag behind the current requirements for safe production and civil explosives management. To this end, led by the Bureau of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration, the United Nations has jointly revised and completed the "Safety Regulations for Seismic Exploration Explosion". The revised "Safety Regulations for Seismic Exploration Explosion" has a wider scope of application. It implements full chain management for seismic exploration and explosives. It has strong practicability and operability and can meet the actual work needs of seismic exploration field operations. At present, in order to fully support the national energy resources security guarantee, the state has launched the deep exploration science plan, and the deep exploration and investigation activities based on seismic exploration will increase dramatically. The newly revised Seismic Exploration Explosion Safety Regulations will continue to be mandatory as a state. The standards were submitted to the National Standards Committee for approval and release, and the escorting of the field work for seismic exploration was successfully carried out.