Shale Gas Found In Ninglang Area, Yunnan

- Jun 12, 2019-

Recently, the Shandong Coalfield Geological Bureau said that it has obtained a major discovery of shale gas in the Ninglang area of Yunnan. The shale gas geological survey well (referred to as Yunningdi 1 well) has a rich gas volume and the on-site analytical gas can reach 3.25 cubic meters. m / ton. The ignition is successful, the flame is 0.6 to 1 meter high, and the flame is stable for a long time and is yellow. This achievement has attracted the attention of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the China Geological Survey. The development of geological resources will lead to the further development of geological exploration equipment.

Over the years, the Oil and Gas Resource Survey Center of the China Geological Survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources has launched a new energy geological survey in the country. The Shandong Coalfield Geological Planning and Investigation Institute has won a total of 16 survey well projects for five consecutive years, of which Yunningdi 1 is the first. For 16 wells, the purpose of drilling is to systematically acquire relevant parameters of the Middle Devonian and explore the potential of shale gas and natural gas resources in Ninglang, Yunnan.

       The well was officially drilled on September 30, 2018, with a depth of 1500.68 meters. Due to the complex formation, the drilling process is difficult. The Shandong Bureau of the Fourth Team, which undertakes the drilling task, has determined a new set of drilling technology, using various types of rope core drills and drills, diamond drill bits to drill in stages, and achieved a new breakthrough in rope core technology. A major discovery of shale gas.

       According to the China Geodetic Survey Bureau, this is the first drilling in the Guizhou-Guizhou region to make significant discoveries in the Devonian. It demonstrates the good exploration potential of the Devonian conventional natural gas and shale gas in the Ninglang-Yanyuan area on the western margin of the Kangxi ancient land. It has a good reference for the oil and gas investigation of the new strata in the new area outside the basin, which can lead the oilfield enterprises to follow up the exploration investment and help the Liangshan area to get rid of poverty.

       Experts said that the next step will be to conduct relevant test analysis and single well evaluation, strengthen results summary and resource potential evaluation, timely deploy construction parameter wells, and achieve major breakthroughs in shale gas and oil and gas in the Guizhou-Guizhou region.