Shijiazhuang Geothermal Resource Development

- Sep 10, 2019-

Recently, the Hydrogeology Bureau and the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government of Hebei Province held discussions on the application of geothermal resources to achieve clean energy heating and green cities. The proposed suggestions to help Shijiazhuang win the blue sky defense war were praised by the relevant leaders of the municipal government.

During the discussion, the relevant leaders of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government thanked the China Coal Geology Bureau and the Hydrology Bureau for their suggestions for winning the Blue Sky Defence War in Shijiazhuang. He said that the Hydrographic Bureau has experience, technology, strength and funds in geothermal energy development, and hopes to implement it in a point-by-point manner. A pilot will be gradually promoted to achieve regional clean energy heating.

The Hydrology Bureau introduced the scope of business and the "four major sectors", focusing on the strength and achievements in the development and application of geothermal energy, and expressed its willingness to help Shijiazhuang win the blue sky defense war, and with the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government and the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Leaders from 11 functional departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Urban Management Bureau, conducted a discussion on the geothermal energy application technology through a vivid and vivid way, and introduced shallow geothermal energy, medium-deep geothermal energy, ultra-deep geothermal energy, geothermal cascade utilization and The technical principle and application conditions of geothermal + multi-energy comprehensive utilization provide seven relevant suggestions for the use of geothermal clean energy heating in Shijiazhuang City.