Tanzania Minerals News

- Aug 06, 2019-

The Tanzania Daily News said last week that the government has suspended all mining activities of the Tanzanite One (Tanzanite One Mining Limited, TML) mining company.

This decision violates some laws and regulations and is also paving the way for some necessary revisions in the future.

Tanzanian Deputy Minister of Mines Stanislaus Nyongo said that the current initial contract is only beneficial to a small number of people, and does not pay attention to all Tanzanians and the entire country.

With the decision to end mining, the Tanzanian Minister of Mines ordered the company to pay its more than 700 employees for the past 22 months. He said that he was very sorry for these employees because they have not been paid.

The blue and violet tanzanite belongs to the gem-grade mineral zoisite. As of now, the Merelani mountain in northern Tanzania is the only place for this gemstone. There are no tanzanites in other countries and regions. The figure appeared.

However, due to the previous slack in the control of mineral exports, Tanzanite has been traded with many countries. However, the fifth phase of the government has taken action to correct this situation – starting with the construction of a fence around the Miryran mining area, strengthening security and establishing a mining center.

Minister Nyongo spoke with workers, members of the Defense and Security Committee of the Simanjiro area, and heads of different departments of the mining office headquarters and regional offices. He bluntly said that the revised law would put some people in pain while others could benefit from it.

In fact, this is not the first time the Tanzanian government has imposed a decree on the mining area.

As early as September 2017, Tanzanian President John Magufuli caused the Tanzanian army to build a fence around the mining area and instructed the Bank of Tanzania to participate in the tanzanite trade.

The construction of the wall was started in November of the same year and was completed ahead of schedule by February 15, 2018. The “Great Mirerani Wall”, which is used to protect the mining area, extends for nearly 25 kilometers. Foreign media said it may be the longest wall ever built in Tanzania. Subsequently, surveillance cameras and other electronic monitoring equipment were installed in the enclosure, and only one door was available as an entrance and exit.

Some people may be wondering why the Miranani mine deserves the Tanzanian government to issue a decree and carry out the work of the government three times and five times.

- Because the mineral deposits at the Miranani tanzanite mine are not much. Experts predict that in the next ten years, tanzanite will face minerals.

Moreover, as the only tanzanite producing area in the world, the entire mine area of the Mirrani mine is not large, only a section of 4000 meters long and 2000 meters wide, and divided into four zones A, B, C and D, and only Zone D is capable of producing high quality gemstone zoisite.

The resources are so rare, the Tanzanian government’s initiatives are also inevitable. Although Tanzanite is “young”, it is even rarer than diamonds. If the mineral supply is really exhausted, it will not only be a huge blow for gem lovers. It is a great pity for the gem world.