The Impact Of The Epidemic On Import And Export Is Temporary And Periodic

- Mar 26, 2020-

The General Administration of Customs said that although the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused a certain impact on foreign trade import and export in the short term, China's foreign trade development has strong resilience, enterprises' adaptability and market Exploitability is also strong. During this time, the company actively negotiated with foreign parties to appropriately extend the delivery period of orders and work overtime to complete orders. Relevant departments have also successively introduced a series of policies and measures to support enterprises in tide over difficulties. According to the monitoring of customs data, the import and export value of foreign trade in February has been increased steadily, and the number of declarations filed by enterprises has increased steadily. In addition, according to our survey of 2,552 foreign trade sample companies, 80.6% of them have resumed work. With the positive results of epidemic prevention and control, and the gradual implementation of various policies and measures, the pace of resumption and production of foreign trade enterprises has accelerated, and market confidence is steadily restored. It should be said that the impact of the epidemic on import and export is temporary and periodical, and the long-term positive trend of foreign trade development has not changed.

According to surveyors in Nigeria feedback, their border is closed and they are been asked to stay home, their government announced that Nigeria is restricting entry into the country for travelers from 13 countries including the US and UK, as it announced five new cases Wednesday.

The restriction will apply to travelers from countries with more than 1,000 cases. They include China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Japan, France, Germany, the United States, Norway, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland, the country's National Centre for Disease Control said on its Twitter account.