Training Course Invitation

- May 07, 2019-

The 11th water supply and drainage pipeline inspection and assessment and non-excavation repair technology training course sponsored by China-US Joint Non-excavation Engineering Research Center of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) will be held in Jinan on May 29-31, we sincerely invite you to join us!

Non-excavation engineering technology is the most effective means to construct and maintain urban underground infrastructure, especially underground pipe network. It is the key technology to solve urban flooding, avoid road collapse, control black and odorous water body and reduce the leakage rate of water supply pipe network. , received universal attention throughout the country.

The training will be closely integrated with the newly promulgated "Technical Regulations for Non-excavation Repair and Renewal of Urban Water Supply Pipelines" (CJJ/T 244), "Technical Regulations for Non-excavation Repair and Renewal of Urban Drainage Pipelines" (CJJ/T 210), Technical Regulations for the Detection and Evaluation of Urban Drainage Pipelines (CJJ 181) Three national industry standards and the standards of the China Engineering Construction Association, "Technical Regulations for the Repair of In-situ Curing of Water Supply and Drainage Pipelines" T/CECS 559 and other authoritative technical standards in this field, systems Training China's water supply and drainage pipeline testing and non-excavation repair of the most advanced international technology, engineering experience and quality management system. Comprehensively improve the technical level and business capability of the management personnel, designers and relevant personnel of the project contractor in the repair and reconstruction project of the water supply and drainage pipeline network, and provide technical support for ensuring the high quality and efficient completion of the urban water supply and drainage pipeline network restoration and reconstruction project.