Transient Electromagnetic Equipment(TDEM)Training In Field

- Mar 14, 2019-

Transient Electromagnetic Equipment(TDEM)Training in Field

We were be trained by enginer about time domain transient electromagnetic at 12th, March 2019. Through the tarining, we leraned more about transient electromagnetic system's opeartion and its theory.

The training transient electromagnetic system has as following items:

  1. WTEM-2D 10KW Large Power Transmitter

  2. WTEM-2J TEM  Receiver 

  3. WTEM-2T /GPSTransmitter Synchronized Controller 

  4. Loops(20*20m)

wtem-2d 10kw large power transmitter_副本

transmitter synchronized controller_副本


Transient electromagnetics, (also time-domain electromagnetics / TDEM), is a geophysical exploration technique in which electric and magnetic fields are induced by transient pulses of electric current and the subsequent decay response measured. TEM / TDEM methods are generally able to determine subsurface electrical properties, but are also sensitive to subsurface magnetic properties in applications like UXO detection and characterization. TEM/TDEM surveys are a very common surface EM technique for mineral exploration, groundwater exploration, and for environmental mapping, used throughout the world in both onshore and offshore applications.

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