Two Big Companies Combination For Bring Up Geotechnical, Geophysical Survey Capabilities

- Apr 15, 2019-

Two Big Companies Combination for bring up geotechnical, geophysical survey capabilities

NORWICH, UK -- Subsea services group Acteon has agreed to acquire offshore marine geotechnical and geophysical survey company Benthic. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Benthic adds leading deepwater and ultra-deepwater surveying capabilities to Acteon through its proprietary portable remotely operated drill (PROD) technology. Benthic’s latest generation PROD system can conduct in-situ penetration testing and collect samples and cores in extremely challenging conditions, including seabed slopes greater than 20° and water depths exceeding 9,842.52 ft (3000 m).

Benthic has a long and extensive record of innovation. Its subsea drilling technology offers an unrivaled solution compared with traditional geotechnical surveying techniques. The company has undertaken comprehensive geotechnical site investigations and geophysical surveys in all the world’s deepwater basins for leading oil and gas clients. Work has recently been executed in South America in water depths exceeding 6,889.76 (2,100 m), and the latest equipment upgrades enable operations in depths up to 13,123.36 ft (4,000 m), and there are plans to expand services to include offshore wind and scientific research.