Water Resources Research

- May 14, 2019-

Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced for the first time the ranking of water environment quality of surface water assessment sections of prefecture-level and above cities. The extensive use of various hydrological research instruments has greatly improved our control over water quality.

The rankings published this time involved a total of 333 cities and 2050 national surface water assessment sections. It involves 19 rivers in the city, including rivers such as Qingkou River and Xinyi River. The data show that from January to March this year, the water quality of these 19 rivers in the city has improved by 39.53% compared with last year.


The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau said that since the beginning of this year, the city has strengthened the source control and implemented monitoring and analysis of water quality and water storage using various hydrological research instruments through satellite remote sensing, drone inspection and manual on-site review. The "one map" of the basic conditions of the key rivers and the investigation of the problems will be presented, and the delivery orders will be promoted one by one to solve the problem of water pollution prevention and centralized treatment of key industries. The counties and districts have further strengthened water environment management, and the quality of urban surface water has increased significantly.