What Are Main Application Areas Of Underwater Cameras?

- Jun 12, 2020-

Underwater cameras are mainly used for monitoring underwater operations. At present, they have been used in the following areas:

(1) Marine civil engineering: preliminary investigation of reef and seabed conditions, project management, inspection of completion status, and auxiliary equipment for underwater operations such as underwater bulldozers.

(2) Investigation and observation of water resources, seabed minerals, seabed oil fields, and investigations of pearls, corals, and various algae.

(3) Fisheries: Investigation of the actual situation of fish nets and artificial reefs set in a specific water area, detection of fish schools, etc.

(4) Investigation of the sunken ship, monitoring of the salvage process, inspection and evaluation of the underwater part of the ship to be repaired, etc.

(5) Supervision of underwater sludge in hydropower generation and inspection and welding of power plant water supply pipelines.

(6) Supervision of rivers and reservoirs and dams and regular inspection of other underwater construction facilities.

(7) Submarine underwater reconnaissance.

(8) On-site monitoring equipment for nuclear power plants.

New research data indicates that the maximum underwater visibility distance has reached more than 45 meters with the new underwater TV camera system. It can be widely used in the detection of marine and terrestrial water resources, aquaculture, underwater exploration, and underwater facilities Construction and monitoring, underwater repair, underwater sightseeing, shipwreck salvage and oil field operations, etc.