What Is The Reality Of The Current International Air Cargo Market?

- Apr 03, 2020-

Under the impact of the epidemic, most international flights have been grounded, the transportation capacity is extremely anxious, and air freight is flying to the sky!

The popularity of the international air cargo sales market has far exceeded expectations recently. Southeast Asia has already sold more than 20 pieces

For one kilogram, this price is already comparable to the previous price of the United States!

The price of the US-USA route has basically doubled in the past. For transportation costs of 40 to 50 yuan per kilogram, we have to dig our heads in order to win the space.

South American non-states are even more exaggerated. Seventy to eighty dollars a kilo, it is very close to the freight unit price over a hundred years ago!

Suffering from the worsening epidemic in Europe, Lufthansa cancelled 7,100 flights in March, Israel Airlines cancelled all international flights, and Korean Air has already reduced its international transportation capacity by 80%.

According to incomplete statistical analysis, during the period from February to March 2020, the transportation capacity of all international aviation sales markets was reduced by at least 80% compared to the normal stage. Only a few intercontinental passenger routes are in operation at this stage