Full Wall Deep Borehole Imaging Logger

Full Wall Deep Borehole Imaging Logger

Full wall deep borehole imaging logger generates an image of the drillhole wall by transmitting ultrasound pulses from a rotating sensor and recording the amplitude and travel time of the signals reflected from the drillhole wall. Data is transferred back to the surface via a wireline in real time.
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Utilising Advanced Logic Technology's latest generation GD-DCT (W),full wall deep borehole imaging logger wireline surveys in both underground and surface mining operations and civil construction projects.

The tool is ideal for geological definition, geotechnical rock mass characterisation, determination of fracture frequency and orientation and primary stress orientation.

Key advantages of using the GD-DCT (W) Acoustic borehole imaging logger:

Measurement of every structure - 1.5mm wide acoustic beam can produce sub-millimetre fracture measurements

Data has multiple uses - geological definition, geotechnical rock mass characterisation, determination of fracture frequency and orientation, primary stress orientation etc.

Full structural log of each hole in digital format

Digital data acquisition - manual data transformation errors eliminated

Logs can be calibrated to give rock strength and RMR values

Highly accurate, orientated, calliper measurements for breakout analysis - 0.1mm resolution

Digital Software:

1、The software can collect and save the images simultaneously at the field, and splice the images synchronously after the completion of collection;

2、It is easy to browse, the image can browse the histograms and plane development drawings at any direction, proportion and hole section, and virtualize the whole borehole or part of sample drawings;

3、The images and results are displayed in the mode of “What You See is What You Get”, and the display is fully consistent with the printing results;

4、Flexible switching between displays: It can display plane development drawings and 5、three-dimensional histograms. Three-dimensional histograms can be continuously rotated in 360 degrees;

5、Direct description of the core: The core can be directly described in the development drawings, crack tendency, inclination and width can be automatically extracted, the width accuracy is up to  0.1mm, and the azimuth accuracy is up to 0.1 °;

6、Flexible and beautiful printing output: Image printing output length, image layout mode and printing graph sections can be set and selected freely, thus realizing flexible and beautiful effect.

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