Geophysical Wireline Borehole Imaging Equipment

Geophysical Wireline Borehole Imaging Equipment

Geophysical wireline borehole imaging equipment generates an image of the borehole wall by transmitting ultrasonic pulses from a fixed transducer with rotating mirror and recording the amplitude and travel time of the signals reflected at the interface between borehole fluid and the borehole wall.
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Borehole televiewer logging tools are used to obtain oriented images of borehole cores when core recovery is difficult, costly, or otherwise not available. Two different methods or technologies are available: the first uses the acoustic signal from a rotating sonar transducer and is called an “acoustic televiewer”. The second uses a high resolution digital color camera with a light source and is called an "optical televiewer". 

Both methods utilize a builtin fluxgate magnetometer to orient the image with respect to magnetic north. The resulting data offers the unique ability to present the core either as a wrapped image, showing an external view of the core as if it were laying on its side; or as an unwrapped image, looking out from the center of the borehole. One popular visual data display option is the projection of features onto an imaginary core that can be rotated and viewed from any orientation. Further analysis allows void and joint data to be presented in terms of depth, direction of dip (with respect to North), dip angle, and strike.


1. Intelligence:

Obtain images in a wireless way, control GD-DCT (W) borehole tester to capture images and videos through the notebook or tablet computer, perfectly solve the problem that field observation is affected by high light and environment using the high resolution display, high brightness and other characteristics of tablet computer; meanwhile, solve the problem that field image is inconsistent with the analyzed image by directly judging the results at the field;

2. Reliability

With stainless steel shell and tempered optical glass probe cover, the probe can withstand the maximum pressure of 10MPa;

3. Portability:

Host size is 260 × 220 × 120mm and its weight is 2.5kg, and the maximum weight of the probe is less than 5kg;

4. High-definition:

Color 720 wire with low illumination is used for camera, with 0.01Lux illumination and 1.3 million pixel;  the resolution of crack is up to 0.1mm; the intensity of light source can be continuously adjusted, to ensure that various detection objects can be clearly imaged;

5. High precision:

Image depth resolution is 0.1mm, and angle resolution is 0.1 °;

6. High efficiency:

The fastest detection speed is up to 6m / min; the whole system is simple to connect and easy to operate, and conventional Windows system operation is easy, convenient and efficient to use;

7. Wide viewing angle:

The viewing angle of camera is wide, with the elevation angle of 38°, depression angle of 17° and horizontal angle of 360°, and thus panoramic imaging can be realized, without the need for focusing;

8. Low power requirements:

The host is powered by built-in high-energy battery and can continuously work for more than 15 hours; in addition, the host can supply power to the tablet computer, without the need for 220V AC power.

Standard Configuration:

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