High Resolution Optical Borehole Imaging Device

High Resolution Optical Borehole Imaging Device

High resolution optical borehole imaging device is a borehole geophysical probe that uses the acoustic method. The tool works similarly to regular ATV tools and is used to generate high-resolution, magnetically oriented acoustic reflectivity images of the borehole wall.
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High resolution optical borehole imaging devices are suitable for such engineering fields as engineering geology, hydrological geology, geotechnical engineering inspection and monitoring. It is suitable for various boreholes including vertical borehole, horizontal borehole, anchor cable (rod) borehole, geological borehole and concrete borehole. It can form digital borehole core sample for permanent preservation, especially suitable for the crushing zone strata where actual core samples cannot be obtained. 

The specific classification is as follows:

For concrete: Conduct pile foundation boring for coring verification, observe the location and extent of cavity, cracks, segregation and other defects in concrete;

For the pipe pile: Observe the pile to see if there are anomalies or defects in it, and directly check the joints, quantitatively analyze pile quality: broken area, fracture and crack location, length, width, direction and so on;

For engineering and hydrological geology: Observe the characteristics and subtle tectonics of geological bodies in the borehole, such as stratigraphic lithology, rock structure, fault, cracks, sandwich, karst, and draw geological histogram;

For underground pipes: Observe the contents of pipeline, quantitatively analyze pipeline quality: broken area, location and length, width and direction of fracture and crack.


Master control form:Equipped with tablet computer wireless control

(Wireless effective distance is 30 meters)

Master control system:Tablet PC or laptop with Win7 or above

Display method:Tablet computer or laptop specifications

Operation method:Touch screen operation

Storage mode:Tablet computer or laptop hard drive

Operating system:Windows 

Acquisition mode:Jigsaw, video, jigsaw + video mode

Jigsaw model:Jigsaw from top to bottom or from bottom to top

Interface size:Tablet computer or laptop display

Error in azimuth angle:0.1°

Error in tilt angle:0.1°

Definition:720 wire, 0.01Lux

The pressure that the probe withstands:10MPa

Lens:360°panorama, with 1.3 million pixel

Horizontal resolution:720 pixel

Vertical resolution:0.1mm

Angle resolution:0.1°

Video output:1VP-PAL composite TV signal

Focal length:Fixed focus  Meet 0-300 mm borehole

Image acquisition card:25 frame per second:

Depth counter resolution:0.01mm

Applicable borehole depth:0~300m

Maximum lifting speed:6m/min

Crack resolution:0.1mm



Operating voltage:12.6v±5%DC; 220V±5%AC

Probe diameter:Φ53.0mm

Applicable borehole diameter:Φ60mm~Φ300mm

Built-in battery:It can continuously work for 15 hours and supply power to tablet computer

Calibration:It can conduct software operation calibration for probe electronic compass and depth

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