4 Channels Digital Sonic Pile Integrity Instrument

4 Channels Digital Sonic Pile Integrity Instrument

The RSM-SY7 4 channels digital sonic pile integrity instrument performs Cross-hole and Single Hole Sonic Logging, which evaluates the quality of the concrete of deep foundations. It initiates internationally the function of four channels self-transmission-receive section of foundation pile testing.
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Specification of:

Application standards:

Standard Test Method for Integrity Testing of Concrete Deep Foundation by Ultrasonic Cross hole Testing ASTM D6760-08

Technical Code for Detection of Building Foundation Pile JGJ 106-2014

Dynamic Testing Technology Regulations on Highway Engineering Foundation Pile JTG/T F81-01-2004

Nondestructive Detection Code for Railway Engineering Foundation Pile TB 10218-2008

Technical Regulations on Concrete Strength Detection by Ultrasonic-Rebound Combined Method CECS 02:2005

Technical Regulations on Concrete Defect Detection by Ultrasonic Method CECS 21:2000

Regulations on Concrete Strength Detection of Railway Engineering Structure TB 10426-2004

Detection Code for Building Foundation in Guangdong Province DBJ 15-60-2008


The objectives of the Ultra Sonic Pile Integrity Testing (RSM-SY7) are to determine the homogeneity and integrity of concrete between the probes. The data are used to confirm adequate concrete quality or identify zones of poor quality (due to inadequate vibration, segregation due to over vibration and/or improper concrete placement, washouts of cement due to groundwater flow, cracks due to shrinkage, contamination of the concrete, etc). If defects are detected, then further investigations should be made by excavation or coring the concrete as appropriate, or by other testing methods.

Features of the Gravity Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Test Drilling Monitor:

1. International first four-channel self-transmitting and self-receiving pile profile full-combination ultrasonic detection is provided and a number of invention patent authorizations have been obtained;

2. Self-transmitting and self-receiving circuit design is provided and there is no need to replace the location of acoustic pipe corresponding to probe; the fully combined testing of four pipes and six profiles can be completed in a single lifting, the detection speed is improved significantly and the working strength of detection personnel at the field is greatly reduced;

3. The controllable adjustment gain of test waveform of each profile is delayed;

4. The location of the first wave can be searched automatically and the magnification can be adjusted automatically;

5. The 12.1-inch super-large true-color LCD screen is adopted, the test waveforms, wave trains, wave speeds, amplitudes and other information of 6 profiles can be clearly observed in the field at the same time and the whole pile quality in the testing process can be clear at a glance;

6. The shifting distance of testing point is adjustable within 1-1250px without leakage point and need of repeated testing;

7. The automatic counting and lifting device can be connected conveniently and quickly and the maximum lifting speed can reach 60 m/min;

8. Using the high-strength engineering plastic shell, the instrument is beautiful and durable with solid structure;

9. Imported connectors are used and the complete machine is equipped with waterproof design.

RSM-SY 4 channels digital sonic pile integrity instrument ultrasonic pile analysis software:

Specification of gravity ultrasonic pile integrity test drilling monitor:



Master control form

Low power embedded system

Basic frequency: 1GHz

Memory: 512M

Sampling method

Synchronous self-transmitting and self-receiving

Display mode

12.1-inch high-brightness true-color LCD screen

Operation method

Touch screen

Storage mode

16G electronic hard disk

Communication  method

Built-in wired communication

Depth counting method

Automatic counting

Scanning speed

≥20 cycles/sec

Trigger method

Signal trigger

Sampling interval


Recording length


Transmit voltage

500V/1000V adjustable

Dynamic range


Gain accuracy


Number of channels

Four independent and controllable self-transmitting and self-receiving channels

Number of profiles tested in a single lifting

Six profiles

Transmit pulse width

1-100μS continuously adjustable

Frequency bandwidth


Acoustic amplitude accuracy


Acoustic time accuracy


Receiving sensitivity


Intertrack crosstalk


Data export


Data uploading mode


Operating temperature


Power supply mode

Removable lithium battery≥8h




2.0kg (including lithium battery)

Lifting device

Connection method of lifting device


Wireless transmission distance


Wireless working hours


Minimum space between testing points


Maximum lifting speed


Counting method

Double direction counting

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