Gravity Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Test Drilling Monitor

Gravity Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Test Drilling Monitor

Gravity Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Test Drilling Monitor integrates electronic technology, computer technology, acoustic emission and receiving technology, and is a new generation of intelligent detector with high efficiency, low power consumption, high stability and portability.
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Gravity Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Test Drilling Monitor is primarily applied for detecting concrete, rock and core sample, and nonmetallic material such as porcelain, graphite by sound or supersonic wave nondestructive detecting.

Can be used for the following applications:

intensity detection,

intrinsic defect detection,

fissure detection,

interface quality detection,

rupture thickness detection,

equality detection,

framework thickness detection,

pile foundation inspection,

sonic logging and material elastic parameter detection.

Features of:

1.High degree of automation

Built-in industrial control PC, large-scale integrated circuit design, good stability, sealed aluminum alloy box structure, anti-shake, damp-proof and dust-proof design.

2.Super anti-interference ability

Three band-pass windows provision with multiple high-pass and low-pass filters, certain frequency disturbance suppress, applicable under a certain extent disturbance environment. 

3.Large screen

640 × 480 graphic LCD with backlight, allowing the operator to observe the waveform and complete various measurements even in dimly lit environments.

4.Easy and fast operation

The design of the new operation software is more reasonable and more convenient, so that you can fully appreciate the charm of modern digital sound wave instrument, full English character display, user-friendly menu structure design, a single knob can complete whole operations. it supports connect with an external mouse.

5.Flexible power supply selection

The gravity ultrasonic pile integrity test drilling monitor can be powered by AC power or DC power supply. The instrument also has a large capacity maintenance-free rechargeable battery inside. The instrument can work for more than 6 hours after fully charged.

6.Advanced power management

Switch the instrument power through the dedicated buttons on the panel. The unique standby mode automatically cuts off power to the instrument after a standby timeout.

7.Large storage

A large capacity electronic disk of up to 128MB, which can store various measurement data and waveforms for indoor analysis.

8.Quickly generate test report

The newly upgraded WINDOWS version analysis software can provide flexible and versatile data charts, wave maps for operator selection, and WYSIWYG output formats give you the right test report on site.

Specification of:

(1)Receiving channel



A/D bit


Sampling interval

0.1μs ~ 3276.7μs

Sample length

1K, 2K, 4K

Burst mode

single, continuous, signal,outside

Burst level

10 %, 20 %…70 % FRS

Band width

10 Hz ~ 5 KHz, 10 Hz ~ 500 KHz, 10 KHz ~ 500 KHz

Sonic time difference range

0 ~ 32767 * Δ t ( Δ t is sample interval )

Sonic time difference precision

± 0.1μs

Sonic amplitude range

-20 dB ~84dB

Sonic amplitude precision


(2)Transmission channel



Transmission voltage

100V, 250 V, 500V, 750V, 1000V

Transmission width

1 μs ~ 500 μs

(3)System configuration

Host computer

PⅢ 400MHz industrial control PC

Flash Disk

128 M


640 x 480 LCD (with back light)

General port

USB、RS-232 serial port、mouse port、keyboard port.

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