Low Strain Pile Integrity Tester

Low Strain Pile Integrity Tester

Low strain pile integrity tester mainly applied for low strain pile integrity testing by reflected wave method and test of shear wave.
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Low Strain Pile Integrity Tester

Applicable Standards:

1. Technical Code for Detection of Building Foundation Pile JGJ 106-2014

2. Dynamic Testing Technology Regulations on Highway Engineering Foundation Pile JTG/T F81-01-2004

3. Nondestructive Detection Code for Railway Engineering Foundation Pile TB 10218-2008

4. Technical Code for Detection of Building Foundation JGJ 340-2015

5. Standard Test Method for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations ASTM D5882-07

Main Features:

1. Highly integrated, high reliability , and low noise

2. The analog quantity can be automatic and balanced, and the signal drift is eliminated

3. It can connect accelerometer and speed detector simultaneously

4. The continuous collection, superposition and balance adjustment function can be achieved automatically

5. Multi-time base function shall guarantee the accuracy of time domain and frequency domain analysis

6. Use both alternating current and direct current, and the direct current supply can be operated for more than 8 hours

7. The master control program shall upgrade online

8. With the windows operation system, 8.4 inches high brightness LED and the full touch operation

9. SD card and USB drive are transferred directly, the data of 250,000 piles can be stored in the internal machine, which can achieve mass data storage

Technical Specification:

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