GPS Survey Equipment DGPS Receiver

GPS Survey Equipment DGPS Receiver

DGPS receiver is enhancements to the Global Positioning System (GPS) which provide improved location accuracy, in the range of operations of each system, from the 15-meter nominal GPS accuracy to about 10 cm in case of the best implementations.
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GPS survey equipment DGPS receiver(1)(001)

DGPS Apllication:

Construction Stakeout or Layout

Rich point and line stakeout function, supplemented by graphical operation instructions, save more cost for your construction

Electricity and Transportation

Convenient power direction finding, ranging and angle calculation functions; comprehensive and practical road surveying, middle pile, side pile measurement, longitudinal and cross section measurement functions

CORS application

For CORS system applications, only one RTK mobile station can receive CORS differential signals for data acquisition, construction stakeout, etc.

CORS website

HD-CORS combines the mature platform technology of Hi-target for many years, with stable operation and long transmission distance. It is the preferred solution for urban continuous reference station system.

Control Survey

One investment, multiple functions, TS5 GNSS RTK dual-frequency static measurement accuracy meets any control measurement requirements, and is equipped with mature professional data solving software to help you complete various high-precision control and measurement tasks.

Data collection

Handheld controller operation software for GIS system design, flexible coding function, to meet your fast and efficient field data collection needs

Water Survey

Supporting the marine measurement, ocean mapping software and depth sounding instrument of Hi-target Surveying and Mapping, it is easy to realize underwater terrain measurement work and completely change the traditional water measurement operation mode.

Construction positioning (overwater)

With the Hi-target Marine Construction and Positioning Software, the TS5 GNSSRTK system can help you accurately complete marine projects such as riprap, paving, piling, etc., to meet the special requirements of offshore engineering.

GPS survey equipment DGPS receiver(2)(001)

TS5 DGPS Receiver Feaures:

● 220 channels multi-constellation receiver

● Compact and rugged design for demanding field

● Outstanding RTK initialization and centimeter level position accuracy

● Built-in network and UHF modem

● Optional TRx UHF

With the easy-to-use, efficient and intuitive workflow, compact and rugged structure, TS5 is designed for advanced network RTK survey and the perfect choice for demanding survey applications.

TS5 is fully integrated with GNSS engine, antenna, Bluetooth communication, UHF and network modem in one single unit makes your daily work simple.

By combining decades of positioning and surveying,TS5 GNSS is one of the most powerful GNSS RTK solutions, with no compromise to quality but at an affordable price for every surveyor.

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