High Precision GNSS RTK System

High Precision GNSS RTK System

Hi target V30 High precision GNSS RTK System base station and receiver is at fair price but featuring with good quality and accuracy. It is outstanding of its kind with rugged design and user-friendly functions.
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High precision GNSS RTK System 1(001)

Hi target V30 High precision GNSS RTK System housing is made of General Electric Xenoy 5220U polymer resin to handle severe and harsh filed conditions. With its unique internal design, V30 High precision GNSS RTK System can perfectly avoid or lessen obstruction and multipath effect to ensure superior positioning capability.


220 tracking channels

Ambiguity fixing out to 40 + km

1 cm + 1 ppm accuracy



High fix availability and reliability to maximize productivity

Configurable reliability levels for variable environments

GLONASS and BeiDou options provide more satellite availability

Robust, reliable and rapid positioning solution

V30 High precision

Base station including: Cm accurate V30 base station , external radio with whip antenna, 2 Lithium batteries, transmitting and receiving 460 UHF module, power cable for external radio, battery charger, connecting wire and other accessories

High precision GNSS RTK System 3(001)

Rover including: cm accuracte V30 rover, transmitting-receiving 460UHFmodule,2 lithium batteries, battery charge,receiving antenna, handheld controller, connection wires and other accessories.

High precision GNSS RTK System 2(001)

High precision GNSS RTK System 4(001)

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)

The positioning technique is referred to as code-based positioning, because the receiver correlates with and uses the pseudorandom codes transmitted by four or more satellites to determine the ranges to the satellites. From these ranges and knowing where the satellites are, the receiver can establish its position to within a few metres.

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