Reflectorless Total Station

Reflectorless Total Station

This kind of Hi-Target reflectorless total station is widely used in surveying and mapping, engineering construction, it's popular in the market for it's high precision, good quality, competitive price...,It can help customers to do most of the work in surveying and mapping.
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Figure below shows ZTS-320R:

reflectorless total station-1(001)

reflectorless total station-2(001)

Functions of keyboards and the display of information:

reflectorless total station-3(001)


Microprocessor unit in reflectorless total station processes the data collected to compute:

Average of multiple angles measured.

Average of multiple distance measured.

Horizontal distance.

Distance between any two points.

Elevation of objects and

All the three coordinates of the observed points.

ZTS-320R features:

reflectorless total station-4(001)

ZTS-320R data format:

MEA= Measurement File, working for storing data

COO= Coordinate File, being used when transferring coordinate

COD= Code File, being used when transferring code

Select File >File(.MEA) A.MEA File(.COO) File(.LH) Save Enter

LH= LS =Defined line File, working for staking out roadway

How to aim at a target (only for reference)

1.Aim at the bright sky with the telescope and adjust the eyepiece to focus until a sharp image of the cross wire forms.

2.Aim at the target with the cross center in the coarse sighting device on the top of the lens. The eye should keep a proper distance (about 200mm) away from the sighting device.

3.Obtain a sharp image of the target on the reticule with the focusing screw of the telescope. If optical parallax appears when angle of view changed, the focus or the diopter of the eyepiece may be unadjusted. For precision concerns, please adjust the eyepiece focus to eliminate the optical parallax.

Technical parameters:

Angle Measurement

Measurement Method

Absolute Encoding

Minimum Readout

1″/5″/10″(0.3mgon/1.5mgon/3mgon) adjustable






Field of View

1°30′ (2.7m at 100m)

Minimum Focusing Distance




Distance Measurement (ZTS-320 with Reflector)

Single Prism

3000m (9,842ft.) under good condition

Three Prisms

6000m (19,685ft.) under good condition

Reflective Sheet

800m (2,624 ft.)


2 mm+2ppm

Measuring Time (Fine/Quick/Tracking)

1.5s/1s/ 0.5s

Distance Measurement(ZTS-320R Reflectorless)

Reflectorless2 Range

350m(1,148 ft.)

Single Prism




Measuring Time




Single-axis liquid tilt sensor/Dual-axis (optional)

Working Range


Setting Accuracy


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